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Arthurian Games

Well, at least my Arthurian games at this time. I plan to add pics of my Arthurian Game collection. I'm sure I'll get around to it.

King Arthur Pendragon, Complete Publication History. All languages, including titles, dates and contents; but mostly recollections of publishing these.
List of Published Scenarios kindly compiled by Werecorpse
My Other Arthurian Games, which are Merlin, an Arthurian miniatures game (sort of); King Arthur's Knights, a board game; and Prince Valiant, another roleplaying game.
Coming Soon: My Arthurian Game collection

King Arthur Pendragon Publication History, all languages

King Arthur Pendragon was first published by Chaosium, Inc in 1985. The fifth edition now available was published by Arthaus Games in 2005. Editions have been published in French (twice), German and Spanish.
Here is a history of the publication of those games, as overseen by me, Greg Stafford.

My Pendragon Publication History

Here’s a title-by-title list of English-language publications, and my own reminiscence of the trials, tribulations and pleasures of publishing them.

Gallimard Edition

The game was published in French by Gallimard, one of the largest French publishers at that time, but I never got a good idea of why they wanted to publish this. It came and went, never spoken of again by either of us.

Oriflam Publications

Oriflam published the entire line in French. Some books were retitled, others had their contents reorganized. Here are cover pictures of their line.

JOC Publications

The game was published in Spanish by JOC. Here are cover pictures of their four products.

Fantasy Productions Publications

The game was published in German by Fantasy Productions. Here are cover pictures of their two releases.

King Arthur Pendragon awards

Awards won by the game and is supplements.

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