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I give thanks to the people who have helped create this site, and who have contributed material to it. feast

Contributors to this Site

Me. I maintain and update this site, and all uncredited material is by me. After all, it's "Greg Stafford's Pendragon Page."

But I am happy to post useful material by other people.

If your find errors, dead links, incorrect or questionable information or otherwise just want to express your opinion, please feel free to contact me.

Know ye, the people listed are truly
Friends of Pendragon

My Teachers
Want to Contribute?

My Teachers

These gentlemen are the guys who made this site possible. They made the original key pages and afterward so very, very patiently explained things to me (sometimes again and again once... twice more), and have served as advisers since. Thank you all, gentlemen.

Nils Weinander

Nils set up the first Glorantha website, and still does that all-important maintenance. He also set up my first personal web site, and showed me how to add to it, launching my personal commitment to web presence. He's been volunteering support for the last hundred years or so, and never failed a roll on his Webmeister skill. Thank you, my friend. He can be contacted through his LinkedIn profile.


Corey set up the initial main page for me, and inspired me to fill in its layout, hence to learn html. He's also a staunch Pendragon GM, family man and has become a friend.

Ben Quant

Ben is responsible for starting this very site, Greg Stafford's Pendragon Page. He's also a staunch Pendragon GM, keen-eyed critic, vocal on-line enthusiast and has become a friend.


I try to properly credit everyone, but if you have something on this site, and do not have your name here, please contact me immediately.

Matthew M. DeForest

Matthew has contributed both essays and scenario material to the site, here. If desired, you can contact him here.

Frank Sultana

Frank has done most of the arms that adorn these pages,
and whose special presence
starts here. He's Australian.

Steff Worthington

Steff has done the oh-so-pretty map of the counties here.. He's a graphic designer from the City of Legions, brought up on tales of Arthur, Vortigern and Gawain in the Welsh tradition, and is mentally inhabiting a land between Leng and Camelot.

Freddy Sibileau

Freddy is a long-time Pendragon fan, since he discovered the French language version years ago. His scholarship goes far beyond the game, hence his contribution Les Armoiries Des Chevaliers De La Table Ronde

Doyle Taverner

Doyle is one of the few other contributors to GPC, and also to the article on faerie places.

David Zeeman

David is an old friend, player in my Berkeley Pendragon campaign, inspector of unfinished articles and good friend. He also does the layout of Greg Stafford Publication publications. The many Record keeping forms here are all done by him, originally for the publications.


42! is not a number! He's a Pendragon player from Denmark who has contributed a couple of useful record-keeping pages.

Jacob Klünder

Jacob Klünder is a Danish Pendragon GM who is quite enjoying his +3 Appearance. You can contact him at He has contributed much lively discussion on the WW forum, and a colorful treasure table.

Want to Contribute?

I am happy to review anything that you think would contribute to this web site. Love to see your Art, Scenarios, articles

Know html? Got a few minutes to spare?

If anyone meets those two things, and would like to help me out, contact me and I'll send you something to code. Recompense is simply that you'll get listed here too, as a Friend of Pendragon.

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