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What Is Pendragon?

Pendragon, or KAP as it is known (full name, King Arthur Pendragon), is a pen and paper roleplaying game. It was first published in 1985, and due to its excellence in capturing the feel of the genera, has remained in print for 23 years (so far). (See here for a full history of the game).

To play, you make up an imaginary guy who goes on adventures with other knights in the world of King Arthur. The Game Master (GM) narrates what the happens, you do your character, and other players also have characters. They either die violently (usual) or grow old and die. They raise families and strive to qualify to be a Round Table knight. Here are personal narratives from some player characters in my current campaign.

the game combines literature and history in a seamless game to create roleplaying experience. (See some reviews here.)

This site is my own personal, noncommercial site to collect and share my thoughts for this, my favorite roleplaying game.

The Rule Book

King Arthur Pendragon is a 232-page book that gives all the information necessary to play a game, both for players and gamemasters. It is all you need, if you are going to make up your own campaign and adventures.

This is the 5th edition, but all editions and their supplements of all editions are still compatible to each other. Each edition has been a refinement, not a revision. see more here.

The book is currently out of print, but pdf copies are available here.

The Great Pendragon Campaign

If you are a GM, and don't have the time to research a campaign as thoroughly as you would like, this book is for you. It gives a year-by-year summary of the ongoing King Arthur times for 85 years of his lifetime (and a bit before. And after.)

One part of this is what goes on at court--your knights can intervene in the tragedy--or help it, but it also has over 100 adventures for them to participate in, ranging from heroic rescues of ladies, crushing robber barons and monsters, and leading your army to war and pillage.

The book is currently out of print, but pdf copies are available here.

The Book of Knights& Ladies

For purposes of artistic and economic simplicity, the rule book confines beginning characters to come from one county in the land. This book gives the character generation for all the rest of the Arthurian world, whether friend or foe of the High King, or even from the continent. Over 100 homelands for the sSix Mainstream peoples (Cymri, Irish, Romans, Picts, Saxons and Aquitanians) nine Continental peoples (Byzantines, Danes, French, Germans, Huns, Italians, Occitanians, Spanish and Zazamancites); plus twelve religions (Roman Christianity, British Christianity, British Paganism, Arian Christian, Orthodox Christianity, Neoplatonic Christians, Manicheists, Cathars, Germanic Paganism, Pictish Heathenism, Jews and Saracens) See more here.

This is a private, noncommericial publication and is available only from Greg Stafford Pendragon.See more here.

The Book of the Manor

Economics is a player option, an many players will choose to just ignore it. But we need something for them to spend their loot on, and this is one amusing and entertaining option. This books provides ways to use your manors to express your personality. Build an Almshouse to help develop your mercy, or a Mews to increase your Falconry, etc. Church buildings, fortifications, plus a myriad of other economic information like burial costs, outfitting knights each Period, borrowing money and so on.

Available only directly from me. See More, here.

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