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Forms and Records

Permission is granted for individuals to download and copy these as needed to play their games.

Character Sheets
Other Personal Pages
Manorial Records NEW HERE--ONE-PAGE Improvement List
Battle Papers

Battle Papers

The Book of Battle is the latest battle system I have made for KAP. It give the perspective of YOUR knight on the battlefield.

Here are PDF forms for the three record sheets used in the Book of Battle, 2nd Edition:
Leader's Battle Record
Player's Battle Record
Gamemaster's Battle Record

Here are the records for the older Book of Battle:
Player's Battle Record. from Book of Battle
Gamemaster's Battle Record. from Book of Battle
Map of the Battle Field. from Book of Battle
1-Page Player Handout. for Book of Battle. Everything that a player needs to play.
Maneuver and Unit Results. from Book of Battle, page 80, revised. A pretty copy will be here some day.

Character Sheets

character sheet

Here are the latest character sheets for King Arthur Pendragon, 5th edition. These are the same character sheets that are in Knights & Ladies, Advanced Character Generation. These are completely generic, with no numbers given except for those that are universal. They are suited to be used for any of the many cultures and religions from across Arthurian time and place.

pdf for BOTH Knights' and Ladies' Character sheets

pdf for Knight Character sheet

pdf Lady Character sheet

Other Personal Pages

Family Record. Some characters are fortunate enough to not only have children who live to adulthood, but have many of them. For generations! Here’s a bit of paper to help you document those facts.
Thank you Sir 42! for your generous contribution of this page.

Glory Record. For when your character has SOOOO much Glory that you need a page to keep track of it.
Generous Sir 42! has contributed this page.

Winter Phase Synopsis A handy, short version to update your character over winter.

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Manorial Records

The Book of the Manor is the latest version of manorial accounting, and it's far superior to any that has come before. I know it’s useful to have the record and work sheets available separate from the book. So here they are!

Maybe there is an easier way to do it, but for now, go to the page and get it.

ONE-PAGE "Improvements from the Book of Manor". This is a synopsis of all the improvements that appear in the Book of the Manor or on my site. Big "Thanks!" to Ancrew williams and Thijs Krijger for this.

Land Record sheet. This is a pdf from Book of the Manor

Manor Income Worksheet. This is a pdf from Book of the Manor

Treasure Record sheet. This is a pdf from Book of the Manor

More Sample charters Eight more sample manorial charters, similar to those in Pendagon Book of the Manor.

Manors of Salisbury. A table listing the manors of Salisbury with coordinates to locate them on the attached map. See also: The Salisbury Hundreds Information on the manors of Salisbury

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