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Everything about being a knight is about collecting Glory. Knights collect Glory for doing anything that's knightly.

Missing Glory Awards. Some important tables were omitted from the publication of the rules. Here they are.
Glory for Women. Women don’t get Glory the same way that men do.

Glory Levels

The basic Glory levels were omitted from the basic rule book. Here they are, expanded to include the levels that really successful player knights reach. (This table is derived from a similar example developed by DKPseude at the WW Pendragon Forum..

0 Glory = non-nobles. Only noble men and women have Glory
Less than 1000: Squire, esquire, maid in waiting, page, etc.
1000: A Knight.
2000: “Respected,” having proven himself through deeds his peers.
4000: “Notable,” known by all in his homeland region (Logres, Cambria, etc.), and one of the best in his Lord's service.
8000: “Famous,” known throughout all in Britain, one of the best in the land, stands equal to a Round Table Knight if not a member, and sits at the High Table in any court save Camelot.
16,000: “Extraordinary,” known throughout Western Europe. Saxons landing fresh on the beaches of Britain and ambassadors from Rome have already heard of his prowess in battle.
32,000: “World Renown,” known by from Iceland to Babylonia. A character visiting distant Constantinople or Alexandria will find words of his deeds have preceded him.

Compare that to Average

Ordinary knights, without the motivation, luck or oversight that a player knight has, naturally get less Glory. How fast is their advancement? Starting player knights are vassals, and I’ll use of them as the comparison. Knights start with 1000 Glory. Regular Annual Glory: One ordinary event (10), 3 Traits over 15 (50), Manor (6) = 66 One-time Events, over lifetime: Marry (500), witness great events, (25x4), 3 small battles (300), Tournaments, hunts, etc. (100) = 1000.

I will assume a lifetime of 45 years as a knight (i.e. dies at age 65), or 45x66 = 2970 + 1000 = 3970, which I’ll call 4000.

So the average knight dies with 5000 Glory, Notable in his home region. He would have become “Proven” at around age 40.

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