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Useful Literary and Historical References

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Key Pendragon Game Links

Yahoo Email Group

This is an old on going list. It's the one that I keep an eye on, and frequently contribute to.

Greg Stafford's Own Pendragon Campaign

Here's the blog for my on going Pendragon game, which I call the Leicester Campaign. Contributions are from the character perspectives.

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Campaigns and Blogs Online

Saturday Night Pendragon
Blog for Greg’s current Pendragon Campaign.

David Zeeman’s Campaign
Pendragon campaign by Pendragon insider, David Zeeman. The game Greg would be in if he still lived in the Bay area!

Tuesday Night Pendragon
Greg Stafford's own former (Berkeley) Campaign

Ben Quant's Pendragon Chronicles
Wow, handsome site! Great material, too.

Big Steve's Pendragon Campaign

Carlos' Pendragon Campaign
¿Usted lee a españoles? Este es un histora completa. And the first complete playing of a Great Pendagon Campaign, played beginning to end, that I know of! (Other than my own, of course).

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Other Pendragon Sites

Robert Audin's Age of Blood & Iron
A staunch Pendragon fan's blog, with links to watch swordfighting, etc.

Reviews, etc.

Greg Stafford’s Pendragon RPG
Another very nice history of the game


An Encyclopedia Of Role-Playing Games

GameCraft Forum

NikMak's 'Thursday Feature - What's So Great About King Arthur Pendragon'

Pookie's Prince Valiant Review (8/12/18) review, 05/04/99 Pendragon 4th ed. review, 08/16/99 Pendragon 4th ed. review, 02/10/99 Pendragon 4th ed. review, 05/19/03 Pendragon 4th ed. review, 08/04/01 Pendragon 4th ed. review, 12/02/99 Pendragon 4th ed. review, 08/04/01 Pendragon review, 08/04/01 Pendragon 5th ed. review, 05/18/07 Great Pendragon Campaign review, 05/28/07 Blood and Lust

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Other Recommended Arthurian Links

Thousands of links exist that refer to King Arthur. Here are a few that I found to particularly interesting, entertaining or useful to the game.

Useful Ones

The Domesday Book Online
The Domsday Book was a survey of England done by King William the Conqueror, and is not only one of the earliest extant listings of medieval society, but the basis for much of the setting for Pendragon. Not for the economics, which I’ve generalized, but certainly for the places. Need the name for another manor in Salisbury (i.e.-Wiltshire)? This is the place to look.

English Heritage
This is a set of short movies that illustrates many medieval (and ancient) ways of doing things, such as this one, "How to Arm a 14th Century Knight."

Mysterious Britain
Need more strange places and phenomena or your campaign? Check this site.
By the way, to have been included in my descriptions of the Pendragon countryside the miraculous, marvelous and bewildering events of the supernatural must have been known during the Middle Ages, or may have been discovered afterwards, but are traced (either actually or legendarily) to then. Thus many ghost stories, for instance, do now qualify.

Hypertext Medieval Glossary
A lot of places have glossaries, but this on seems to be more complete than most others.

Free heraldry Clipart
About a million or so designs that you can use for your coat of arms.

Interesting ones, not useful unless you want to make your game more complex

Measurement in the Middle Ages
Ever wonder what a gill is, or a Scotch Troy Ounce, or a tun? And lots and lots more.

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ART (left):A Raven Witch, by Lisa Free; originally appeared in 4th edition King Arthur Pendragon