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My Maps of King Arthur's Realm

I love maps. What's not to love about any non-linear presentations of information?

I'll put together a list of cool maps I've found on the web (real soon now, honest), but these are maps that I've put together for the game. In fact, I've done the base for every map for the game, which have subsequently been professionally rendered. But these linked below are ones that have never appeared professionally; or that are not currently available in print; or that are used with permission to illustrate specific things from the published work.

All Britain
Your Salisbury Knowledge
Stafford Manor
My Handmade Maps
City Maps

Contributed Maps

Many people with handsome map making skills have contributed maps. I am happy to share them here.

Sometimes these maps do not agree with mine, other KAP sources, or history. So it goes.

Prettiest Map, so far

Salisbury, IN COLOR The snippet to the right is from this map. It's a beautifully colored version of the 4th edition Salisbury Map, with both pages merged and colorized in a gorgeous manner. This was done by Andrew.

Manor maps kindly provided by Andrew Williams


Pendragon Europe, from Knights & Ladies, showing the continental Homelands; by Fergie.

Homeland Regions from Knights & Ladies, showing the normal Homelands; by Fergie.

Pendragon Britain showing the lands; by Steff Worthington.

Britain to the Wall This is a map from the 4th edition Pendragon.

Map of King Arthur's Britain from 1st edition Pendragon. Warning: this is a large file (50MB). Best right-clicking and choosing 'save link as' or equivalent and downloading, rather than left clicking and opening.

Knights Adventurous Map This is the map from Knights Adventurous, kindly stitched together from the pdf and contributed by Tony Williams.

Garloth. for my game, "What Everyone Knows" about places in Queen Elaine's kingdom.
Text for these places is found here.

Malahaut. "What Everyone Knows," or easily discovers, about the land of the King of One Hundred Knights.

LINDSEY MAP 1, What Everyone Knows This is the starting "What Everyone Knows" player handout for the Lindsey Campaign.

LINDSEY MAP 2, The insider's Leicester This is a player handout for my game. It shows the more traveled roads of the characters' home county

Lindsey, by Sven Lugar. Sven is a player in my game. He too clarified the setting with his map.

Lindsey, by Steff Worthington Steff artistic cartography was provoked by my crude maps, and he's given us this much improved version to post.

Kernow, the Realm of King Mark. A very nice map of Cornwall and the West, from Steff Worthington

South East Britain Another very nice map from Steff Worthington

Cambria Steff Worthington honors us with yet another of his great maps.

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Your Salisbury Knowledge

If your character is from Salisbury,this is YOUR HOMELAND. Your starting knight from Salisbury knows everything on these maps, and much, much more. He knows his way to every manor in the county; where the orchards, wastelands, creeks, footbridges and gullies are; and every road, wagon path and trail that a horse can tread. Your homeland has no secrets from you.

Sarum 485

Salisbury, western This map is originally from the 4th edition Pendragon

Salisbury, eastern This is the other half of that map from the 4th edition Pendragon

Central Logres This map shows the main travel route inside Logres that every knight knows. The red are the King's Roads, safe-guarded by Round Table patrols, where the biggest danger is that some peasant won't step aside fast enough because of the crowds. This is from the 4th edition Pendragon

Full color Salisbury, one image This is one map, colored by Andrew *x and with both the 4th edition maps properly fused.

Stafford Manor (right).

This is an old, public domain map that nicely illustrates a manor, slightly altered by my friend David Zeeman. Visible, but unlabeled, are the mill by the bridge, the fortified manor, the fish pond, and the cluster of special village buildings, of which the church is most prominent.

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My Handmade Maps

I love maps, and I love making maps. I still have the first book I ever made, titled Maps Maps and Diagrams, where I carefully traced every map I could find. (Then I found a historical atlas). These, below, are the ones I've recently done for my current campaign.

LINDSEY MAP 1, What Everyone Knows This is the starting "Your Homeland" player handout for my current campaign, which is set in Leicester instead of Salisbury. (It was going to be in Lincoln, but you know how players are!)

LINDSEY MAP 2, The insider's Leicester This is a player handout for my game. It shows the more traveled roads of the characters' home county

Also Garloth, and Malahaut. and City Maps. These are all parts of larger articles about those places.

City Maps

Sarum 485

Camelot. early and Late, from the GPC book.

City Maps Greg's crude (Good enough to use in my game!) hand-drawn maps of: Glevum, Carlion-on-Usk, Glastonbury, Tintagel, Norwich, Lincoln (early), Lincoln (late), and Eburacum.

Eburacum. The Great City of the north (aka York), handsomely hand done (as opposed to crudely) and with more details than similar maps in GPC.

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