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Greg’s Pendragon figure collection

Here are photos of my Pendragon figures.

I try to always have figures that people use for their characters in a game. At the start of a game session everyone puts their figures at the center of the table and says their knight's name. This serves to focus attention on the game, even if we don't use them in a scene. But especially when the game gets down and dirty sword to sword melee, and things may become confusing (“Uh, Greg, where’s the elephant again?”), I like to use figures.

I do not pretend to be good at painting, but these are the figures that I normally use. Moe importantly painting is fun, even if you're not good, and just I want encourage everyone to paint at least their own character.

I could not begin to tell you who made these. They are mostly 20+ years old, and I always mixed and matched the horses.

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