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My Player Character Knights

Playing Pendragon is a tremendous pleasure for me. I require players in my game to occasionally GM, so I can play. Here is some information about my own player characters from KAP.

Sir Cynfyn, Knight of the Medlar

medlar fruit

The Knight of the Medlar is my present player knight, first game on Jan 3 09. I've got his personal log here, with comments on it by me. You can see the ongoing campaign blog of which this is one tiny part here This is from our current ongoing Leicester Campaign, which used to be called the Lindsey Campaign. This is my Arcata-based game. Here's a Player’s map of the lands of Lindsey

Sir Clydno, the Knight of the Finger

clydno's top of char sheet

Le Chevalier Doight was my main character from my Berkeley Campaign. See the entire log of the campaign, including the bulk of the entries by other players, backwards, here. This was my Berkeley Campaign.

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