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Player Character Knights

The entire rule book is about player characters. This section will simply have additional rules, corrections, insights and useful ideas for your player characters. Also, here is material about my own characters. knights fighting before a castle

Marriage Rules from KAP 5.1 This page contains the updated marriage rules from the Winter Phase in KAP 5.1 with the expanded marriage tables.

Some More Money Awareness are some notes that I've put together to provide a better pictures of what the "little amounts" of money in KAP are for the game.

Loot Tables, by Jacob Klünder. Some colorful tables to particularize the loot gained from battles, raiding, etc.

SIZ, for what it is worth, by Brian Byars. Comparing KAP to historical findings.

Catching Up, Skill Checks for Garrison Duty

Knowledge Skills Skill changes through editions

Two New Manorial Investments Dovecote, Warren

More Sample Manorial Charters

A Menu for a King's Feast, a historical document that has, first, an inventory of meat; then dishes.

Maneuvers. In combat skills are useful, but it's useful to understand maneuvers too.

House Rules Character Sheet by John Wiberg. John's house rules character sheet in pdf format. Includes house rules: passions have checks in both directions and maintenance is divided differently than KAP & BoM. Includes some glory stuff as well.

French Character Sheets by Freddy Sibileau. Including sheets for Knights, Ladies and Magician Characters. Thanks to Baptiste for the realisation and Yohann for his suggestion and advise. (9 pdf files in one zip file)

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