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List of Published Scenarios kindly compiled by Werecorpse

SCENARIO Adventure of three Hags

Written by Jakob Klunder.

Peasants, whips, justice and the Devil--who could ask for more?

SCENARIO Castle of Bones.

Written by Matthew M. DeForrest. You want Glory? It lies in Caer Anoth, the Castle of Bones. Matthew has generously shared his scenario with us. This is a great adventure, but the legendary origins --a skeleton army!-- makes it a deadly scenario. How good is it? I nearly put this into GPC but didn't only because it would have practically required a TPK (Total Party Kill--you have been warned!). And whether you play this or not, it's a good read.

New Animals elephant

Ten animals, nine new, some silly. These were added because they are mentioned in the "Animal Enclosure Table" (BoM, p 26). Someone will want to have them, and of course then they will get away too, so here are the stats and tricks for tygers, apes and so on.

Visiting Camelot

Have you got the right stuff? Can you meet the standards of the Virtue Test?

Loot From Raiding

Coming Soon: Solo Scenarios, for when you've missed several games, and want a bit of experience.

Hunting. OK, here it is, all fixed up and easy to understand. This time.

Battle. Some people don't seem to understand that complex, not always clearly written system! Hm, well, I'll keep trying, with this.

The Pageant, a bit of an Adventure every time the Ladies get together in public.

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