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What's New

Pookie's Prince Valiant Review added to the reviews section.

Link to the KAP Panel from GenCon 2018

Hundreds for KAP Updated with a final version of Clarence

NikMak's KAP review added to the reviews section.

Prince Valiant Annotations Here's the second part of Todd's annotations.

Prince Valiant Annotations Todd has provided an updated version of the below.

Prince Valiant Annotations Todd Jensen has done an extensive annotation to the Prince Valiant Sunday comics (the inspiration behind Greg's Prince Valiant RPG), indicating sources and references that Foster used. These are also linked to on the Prince Valiant section of Greg's Other Arthurian Games.

Hundreds for KAP

King Arthur Pendragon Submission Style Guide A style guide for King Arthur Pendragon submissions has been added to the front page.

Master's Thesis by Witold Krawczyk about the GPC--great observations. There is a lot of intro information but go through it or skip ahead to about halfway for the GPC data. Very insightful! Linked to on the Essays and Dissertations page.

The Swans Hundred (pdf file)

Dr Pendragon's GM Advice

Local Politics

The Ambrius Hundred (pdf file)

The House of Sarum Rock A short genealogy of Lord Renn's Family up to Roderick and his son Robert, Count of Salisbury. CORRECTED VERSION NOW UPLOADED

Legendary and Early History Here we present the noble prehistory of Britain and the land of Salisbury. It will not match any known history, but integrates many sources in the manner that would have been possible in the time of Count Roderick and his son. Several versions of this exist, and future publications will include parts of this, and will contrast with other parts. Nonetheless, it portrays material that will be in future publications.

Leaders A list of the Barons of the Sword during the reign of King Uther. Linked to on the Politics page.

Dating Easter and Pentecost An article providing the dates for Easter and Pentecost over the GPC provided by Sir Knightly. Can be found on the Essays and Dissertations page.

List of Published Scenarios kindly compiled by Werecorpse can be found on the Scenarios page and the Publication History page.

New Battle Records for the Book of Battle 2 can be found on the Forms and Records page.

'Les Armoiries des Chevaliers de la Table Ronde' by Freddy Sibileau

The Cost of Knighting Morien has kindly provided different sets of outfit packages for knights and the costs involved for knighting them. These are linked to here under the King Arthur Pendagon, 5th ed. heading.

Knights Adventurous Map Download the map from Knights Adventurous here!

1st Edition Map Download the map of King Arthur's Britain from first edition Pendragon on this page

Family Survival Rolls Revised family survival rolls for NPCs

GPC Faces: Illustrations of the faces of the main characters in the Great Pendragon Campaign.

Marriage Rules from KAP 5.1: This page contains the updated marriage rules from the Winter Phase in KAP 5.1 with the expanded marriage tables.

Map of Sarum 485 added to the Maps page

Manor maps kindly provided by Andrew Williams

The Salisbury Hundreds Information on the manors of Salisbury

A table with a list of the manors of Salisbury and accompanying map has been uploaded here (16.08.10).

See the New KAP5.1 Front and Back Covers here!

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