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Arthurian heraldry: HERALDIC FAMILIES

Families tend to have similar coats of arms to denote their kinship. Here are a couple of the families who clearly denote that pattern.

The Orkney Clan, Sir Gawaine and His Brothers

To be done: Sir Gaheris

Gawaine Agravaine Gaheris Gareth Mordred


Although, when we add the father in, it’s not quite so neat.

See also: Stories of the Orkney Arms

The de Galis Clan, The Sons of King Pellinore

To be done: Sir Percivale, Sir Aglovale, Sir Dornar

Pellinore Tor Lamorak Aglovale

Coming Soon: Stories of the Fisher Kings

The de Ganis Clan, The Family of Sir Lancelot

To be Done: Sir Ector de Maris, Sir Lionel

Lancelot Arms Bors de Ganis Arms

But Similarity Doesn’t Always Mean Kinship

To be done: this section!

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