Bors de Ganis

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I love heraldry: the color, the individuality yet relationships among families, but especially the way they so openly tell a story that is secret from those who do not know.

Thanks to Frank Sultana, I will decorate the site with these, and also share some insights, secrets or just general facts that I’ve learned about Arthurian Heraldry.

Collected Coats of Arms, identified

Collected Coats of Arms, not identified

Where I Got the Heraldry


Arms of the Orkney Clan

Canting, Other Puns in Arms

Kings at the Battle of Bedegraine

"The man with a Lion has no coat of arms."

'Les Armoiries des Chevaliers de la Table Ronde' by Freddy Sibileau

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Some Coats of Arms

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ailech Benoic Bors de Ganis Arms Brian of the Isles Arms Bagdemagus Balin  Brastias Brittainy Clarence Arms Cameliard  Arms  Clarence  Dinadan Escavalon essex Estregalis  Galahad Gareth Garloth Arms Gomeret Arms Gorre  Kay kent Arms  Lamorak Lancelot Arms  Lindsey  Logres Lot Arms  Madoc Malahaut Malory Marhaus  Mark  Mordred norgales Arms northumberland Arms  Palomides  Pellinore  Pendragon  Sagramaore  Salisbury  Silchester  Southports Strangorre Sugales Sussex  Tor  Tristram  Turquine  Wuerensis  Ywaine

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