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Visiting Camelot

Camelot Picture
ART, right:Camelot, by Michael Blum, originally in KAP 4th edition. Note how the architecture of the buildings goes from the Saxon period, up front, and climbs through the centuries of the Middle Ages to climax with the Gothic cathedral at the top. A brilliant representation of the KAP compression of the Middle Ages into the Great Pendragon Campaign!
How Often to Camelot?
The Virtue Test
The Court of Courts

The discussion here is only for knights who occasionally visit Camelot. Knights who live there permanently have an entirely different experience.

How Often?

Knights would have occasion to visit Camelot about once a year. I assume they are members of an earl’s household, and his normal duties would require him to visit the King at least once a year, accompanied by his household.

The Virtue Test

Chivalry begins to be a constant topic of talk throughout the courts of Logres. When the PCs visit the King's court I often have them all do the Virtue Test to see if they are perceived as being chivalrous. This is just a d20 roll on all of the Chivalry Traits, indicating the nature of the talk and many minor challenges presented to them. It's a normal check, where a failure indicates the player must roll the opposite trait. They get checks in whatever they succeed at.

Anyone who succeeds at all six Chivalry Traits gets is invited, along with other men of chivalric virtue, to a small private dinner the king and queen. This dinner nets Glory (below), but more importantly it is a personal contact initiated by the king and queen. It is official affirmation of being noticed by Arthur and Guenever. In the future the King and Queen will strive to use the knight's name in public, and might even grant a request for a private conversation in the future. (It had better be something important! Waste the king's time once and he is unlikely to grant a second chance.)

Glory, accorded only once per year: In the Boy King Period, 50 Glory. Any other Period: 25 Glory.

Note that this is for knights visiting Camelot who are not already getting the chivalrous bonus.

At Lesser Courts

This might occur is the lord there is chivalrous, and especially if notable and chivalrous. Also, it might occur anywhere that a great knight of the Round Table visits, or several of the lesser ones. Of course encounters won't warrant a meeting with the king, but the Glory is the same. The key is chivalric knights from Camelot must be present, along with a significant number of other witnesses.

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The Court of Courts

Camelot is the hothouse of Courtly activity. King Arthur and Queen Guenever set the trends, and everyone else there imitates them. Lords, knights and ladies are all continually presenting opportunities and challenges. It is impossible to be around there without having an opportunity to participate in something special.

Each visit of at least a week in Camelot, every knight participates in voluntary and involuntary activities. Attempt an Unopposed Roll of the skill or Passion.
Success = Check, and Glory equal to the Skill x2
Critical = Glory equal to the Skill x5
Fumble = Lose 1 Honor Point, gain 50 glory

1. Choose any of the 14 Courtly Skills and attempt a roll at it.

2. Participate involuntarily in other activities.
Divide APP by 10 = number of other Courtly Skill or Passion Test they must participate in:

D20 Result
01. Compose
02. Courtesy
03. Dancing
04. Falconry
05. Flirting
06. Gaming
07. Heraldry
08. Intrigue
09. Orate
10. Play Instrument
11. Read Latin
12. Recognize
13. Romance
14. Singing
15. Tourney
16. Horsemanship
17. Religion
18. Loyalty (Lord)
19. Loyalty (Arthur)
20. Love (Family)

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