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Changes from King Arthur Pendragon 5th ed.

Given the copious amount of additional material (new ranks, occupations, homelands, cultures, etc.) offered here, many tweaks and variations vary from the game’s extant character generation system. These changes might be glossed over, especially by experienced Pendragon players. Here’s a quick list of the major changes:

1. Attribute Generation. Instead of assigning 60 points among the 5 Attributes, players have the choice of just setting the stats; or of rolling randomly for each attribute. See I-4, Attributes and Derived Statistics, for details.

2. Personality Traits. Characters’ personality traits are modified by their regions. Players choose from Standard, Shaped or Random methods.

3. Passions. Passions can be randomly generated. Instead of 15, you may roll 3d6+4 for the four core Passions. Also, sons of player character knights now inherit their fathers’ passions.

4. Specialty Skills. Each cultural group has a unique ability. For instance, a starting Cymric knight now has a specialty skill of Spear Expertise, which provides a significant benefit over the old Spear and Lance skills.

5. The Family Characteristic Table is slightly different.

6. The Luck Tables are entirely new.

7. Starting Skill Num bers. Your father’s class will now alter your starting skill values as well as the number of points available to distribute.

8. Glory for Previous Experience. New characters can now be fit into previous history before play begins. Their glory is altered thereby.

9. New horses are available.

10. Weapon Damage Clarification. Some weapons now calculate their damage differently.

Note that these are only the changes, and that a number of new Passions and Skills have been added as well. New materials are listed under Part IV, New Rules. Back to Pendragon Publications | Back to Pendragon