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City Maps

As usual, I did too much material for the Great Pendragon Campaign and it couldn’t all fit in. So here are some of my very crude city maps that didn’t squeeze in. Note that several maps did get into the KAP and GPC, including early and late Sarum, early and late Camelot, early Lincoln, early Eburacum, Paris and Tintagel. A couple of these are below, so I can include the text, and show how good a job Jeff Holt, the cartographer, did! Look at them and appreciate the professionals at WW! (When I get some spare time I will redo these to be more legible.)


Glevum, Gloucester
Carlion-on-Usk, Escavalon
Tintagel Castle, Tintagel
Glastonbury Island Somerset
Norwich, Anglia
Lincoln, early; Lindsey
Lincoln, later; Lindsey
Eburacum, early; Malahaut
Eburacum, later; Malahaut

Images this page are from Ceara's Mostly Medieval Clipart

Some of these have both an early and late version. The early can be used as they are for the Uther and AnarchyPeriods, and they start to grow during the peace established by the Boy King. The Later versions are those in the Grail and Twilight Periods.

These are compiled from many resources, and don’t even try to show every place that is known. Most of these cities had many more churches, for instance, and the markets are not shown. Markets tend to be at the gates. Also, during the later periods buildings were built along the roads leading into the cities, since the need for defenses had diminished.

The square shape of most of these cities is due to their having been built inside the remains of old Roman military camps. Glevum

Glevum, Gloucester (Cambria)

This is, more or less, for the Middle periods. Note the two castles in this Large City of Gloucester; naturally the Old castle would be the first one. Be careful to differentiate between the rivers, streams and roads here. The Quay is, of course, for ships that have sailed up the Severn to this site. guy fishing
Carlion-on-Usk Escavalon

Carlion-on-Usk, Escavalon (Cambria)

In the early literature this is sometimes called “King Arthur’s Favorite city. It is on the Usk river, and is a seaport for ships coming up the Severn Mouth, and then north up the Usk. The Coliseum outside of the city is modernly a ruin, and is called “The Round Table.” Interestingly, it is the right size to house a Round Table sufficient to seat the 150 knights!

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Tintagel, Tintagel (Cornwall)

Tintagel is an island with very steep cliffs. The only way in without modern climbing gear is to cross the causeway, whose approaches are well protected with walls around the Outer ward, on the mainland, and the inner ward, on the island; and by boat, landing at the cove and entering through the Iron Gate.
Glastonbury Island

Glastonbury, Somerset (Logres)

This is a small island amidst marshes. Coming across the hidden walkways, one enters an ancient Christian monastic community. When approached by boat piloted by trained pagans this is the sacred island of Avalon.The Lady Chapel is the oldest Christian building in Britain, built by Joseph of Arimathea when he came here. The “Grave” is where the grave of King Arthur was discovered in the Middle Ages. Chalice Well is an ancient healing well. The Tor is a hill, shaped into a maze in ancient days—that maze shape is the pattern cut upon its sides. Walking the maze brings a person to the Otherworld home of Gwynn ap Nudd.

Norwich, Anglia (Logres)

Norwich is a great port city of the eastern lands. This, with its many buildings, is obviously for the Later Periods. The early city would have been the part south of the river, around the castle. The large clear area around the Cathedral is common for all cities. The quays are along the river in the south, where the buildings are. feast

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Lincoln, Early; Lindsey (Logres)

This is included manly to compare it with the next map and show how these cities outgrew their early walls, were enclosed by new ones and had a new castle built as well.

The entire city is on a height.
Late Lincoln


Lincoln, late; Lindsey (Logres)

Here is Lincoln at the height of King Arthur's reign. The city area has more than doubled in size. The old castle was upgraded to be a square stone tower, and then that torn down and an entirely new castle built. The area long the river is waterfront, where ships from the sea can dock.
Early Eburacum


Eburacum,early; Malahaut (Cumbria)

This is in GPC, page 43, but I didn’t note the buildings in my submission, so I’ve repeated it here for comparative purposes with the next map.

See also the Eburacum Pages for more about the city.

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Early Eburacum

Eburacum,later; Malahaut (Cumbria)

The growth of medieval Eburacum (modern York) is well documented. Of note is how the river was dammed to make a huge fish pond that protect the east side and also provides food. The Old Bailey is replaced by a new castle and barbican that is entirely surrounded by water as well. The church has become a cathedral, and the area within the expanded walls is full of dwellings. Malahaut

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