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Additional Manorial Investments

I can never stop tinkering with things, and I love to play add new bells and whistles from what I have recently read.

Here are a couple of other Investments that I have added to my campaign.


This is a large “birdhouse” that attracts a hundred or more pigeons and doves for protection and nesting. When it’s time for eggs or squab on the menu the cook goes out and opens up a little door in the back of the nest and grabs a few. This is an especially useful way to get fresh meat in the winter.

Cost to Build: £5
Annual Maintenance: £1
Additional Income: £2
Grants: Love (Family)


This is a large artificial enclosure, surrounded by water (since rabbits do not like swimming), with prepared “pillow mounds” where rabbits and/or hares nest and reproduce with their legendary prolific powers. It is also called a rabbitry, coneygarth or (Latin) cunicularium. Hares and rabbits are notable for their cowardliness, and even knights observing them must note that, once or twice, this helps the rabbits survive, hence the Trait rolls required.

Cost to Build: £6
Annual Maintenance: £1, including the warrener
Additional Income: £1d3+1
Grants: Roll for Cowardly, Lustful

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