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The Great City of Eburacum

The city with a monastery for every day of the week, a church for every week of the year, and a pub for every day.


Uther and Anarchy Periods
Boy King Period
Conquest Period
Later Periods

The Great City

Eburacum is the third largest city of Britain. At its height during the Romance and Tournament Periods it numbers 30,000 people.

It is a sea port--ships sail up the Humber right to its docks, carried by the surging tide.

It has an International Market, where goods from overseas can be purchased.

Eburacum, Uther and Anarchy Periods (485-509)

This is the same time period as the map in GPC, page 43, but when I failed to note the location of buildings in my submission so the city appears to be abandoned. I've attempted to rectify my error with this map, which is actually based on more advanced research than the one in the GPC book!


Eburacum, Boy King Period (510-518)

King Arthur built his castle after he granted the city a royal charter, effectively removing it from the influence of the King of Malahaut.


Eburacum, Conquest Period (520-530)

The city blossomed in population at this time, thanks to the Pax Arthur. The building of so many monasteries indicates an increase in literacy and opportunity for commoners, to the general economic benefit of the city and its surrounding lands.

The castle competition between the King of Malahaut and King Arthur is apparent in the updating the "Old Baily" as indicated. This competition is based on no history whatsoever but is indicative of the royal rivalry, and provides a wonderful visual for knights who pass through here often.


Watch This Space! Map soon.

Eburacum, Later


Map will Appear soon, as if by magic

Some Sources

John Speed's Map of York
Where I got my dates of the changes
source for Fortifications and their Historical Arms in Modern Yorkshire

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