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Book of Battle, Errata

Recoil, note!

Recoil is always involuntarily movement to the rear, and it always leaves the unit Disordered. See pages 23 and 79.

Page 20, Table 9: Defensive Maneuvers

Stand Fast Unit Results Loss
It should say Recoil 1 Zone

Stand vs. Charge Unit Results Win
It should say Normal, -1 Intensity

Stand w/Another Unit Opponent
It should say: 3 random foes, GM choose 1, enemy ×½

Stand w/Another Unit Results Loss
It should say Recoil 1 Zone

Page 22, Unit Commander’s Battle Roll Results

If the results have BOTH…
Fumble for the Battle Roll => Unit is Charged !
AND Critical success in Unit Intensity => Unit is Double Attacked !
…then use the Results of the “Stand vs. Charge” even though the unit is charged by two enemy units.

Page 31, Table 10: Go After Enemy

Pursue Unit Results Loss
It should say No Movement, Disengaged

Prerequisites for Going After the Enemy

Add this text:
All these maneuvers require that the entire enemy Army or battalionbe in movement. It does NOT apply to results of individual units. (Why not? Because we don't even keep track of them)
The enemy can attempt to exit the battle field for any reason, but the maneuver used is the key factor. Insert these prerequisites, to make it clear when the maneuvers may be used.

Stop: Any enemy maneuver away from combat is a Retreat. (see page 79). Any Retreat allows a unit to simply Stop.

Follow: Enemy movement away is voluntary, and they are attempting to Withdraw. Their Battle Intensity must be 15 or more for an orderly withdrawal of this type.

Pursue: Enemy movement away is NOT voluntary if the Battle Intensity is less than 15. They involuntarily Retreat.

Chase: Enemy movement is a massive panic, and the whole army is trying to Run Away. This is a Rout, a Decisive Victory.

Page 32, Chase

Strike all Unit Results
There is no unit to have results, because it has broken up to chase the fleeing enemy.

Page 33, Table 11: Pull Back

Run Away! Unit Results Loss
It should say: Recoil 1 Zone; Disordered and Engaged

Page 34, Run Away!

Unit Results
Triumph: Unit moves back 1 or 2 Zones; -2 Intensity; Disordered and Disengaged
Win: Unit moves back 1 Zone; Disordered and Disengaged
Loss: Unit recoils 1 Zone; Disordered and DisEngaged
Crush: Unit Recoils 2 zones, Broken, +2 Intensity

Page 40, Rally Battalion!

Unit Results
Triumph: -20 Intensity
Win: -10 Intensity
Loss: Recoil 2 Zones
Crush: Broken, +2 Intensity

Page 50, Squires

A squire roll ends the normal round. Extended Phase comes after that. This means that a squire is not able to help out in any way during an extended melee phase, and that the norm is that you have to wait until the end of the next battle round.

Question: Can I "save" an “unused squire” for an upcoming extended phase and have the squire help me then.

Page 53, 3a. If the friend is conscious…

Strike the sentence If not, go to…below.

Page 55, Killing Commanders

It should say: 100 Glory to each combatant,

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