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Corrections to Book of Knights & Ladies

If you find questions or errors in Corrections to Book of Knights & Ladies, please send them to me and we’ll include them in the Errata here.

Character Sheet, Knights, Armor Reduction

Armor reduction = the formal game term for the combined protection value of all armor, etc. This is especially valuable if you use the option of separating helm protection and body protection. List the bonus for chivalry here. See page KAP page 115.

Arhur, misspelling

Somewhere there's an Arhur Pendragon, Arthur's evil cousin? The t is missing.

Page 34

Under "Finding Your Liege Lord," last paragraph:
The page numbers for the definitions of liege lords are wrong. This should reference pages 36-38.

Page 50, extra text

Under "B. Random Determination: step
This paragraph references a “Cultural Attributes Table (before Modifiers)”
This Table does not appear in the book. Thus, strike that line.
This is the table that would have listed the min/max attributes, as based on culture/racial limits similar to "Table 2-1 Cymric Attributes" on page 28, KAP. But since the Book of Knights & Ladies is not "standard character generation," the table is ignored.

Page 75. Replace subhead.

Strike out "Everything your... knighthood."
Replace with, "All Continental Characters are the same in some ways. All characters must do these steps, while including the Homeland differences."

Page 88, French (Roman Christian) Traits

French (Roman Christian) Traits are incorrect.
Energetic and Generous should not be underlined, while Forgiving should be.

Page 94, German Father’s Class bonuses

Under "German Father’s Class bonuses" it states that the sons of Cavalrymen get a +15 bonus to folklore.
Replace +15 with +10 (they are not socially different from their peasants!) Knights & Ladies cover