Errata, Book of the Manor

Page 28, repeated text
under "Orchard"
chestnut is listed twice.

Page 31-32.
The costs, etc. for Land Endowments (page 31) are missing
They are on page 32, under the entry for Feasts.

Page 41, Omission
In the "Property Destruction Table"
* If there are no Investments, then no damage is done.
Field indicates 1/6 of the grain-growing fields (i.e. 1 for the knight), wherein the grain is destroyed, though of course the field can be replanted next year.

Page 45, Omission
Under "Merchant Bankers"
right column, to follow the bottom line, add...
It says...
Merchant Bankers are large corporations, generally from
generally northern Italians (Viennese, Genoese, Milanese, etc.) who have developed banking as a result of their mercantile investments, like controlling the eastern spice trade. They do not pawn, but they lend money against collateral. The main difference is that the borrowers can continue to use their collateral until they fail to pay the interest, or to pay it back when the loan is due, whereupon the collateral is seized from them.

They also provide Money changing and Deposit Banking services (see below).