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Essays and Dissertations


I've got plenty to say about King Arthur, and so do contributors. Here are some of those things about the Pendragon game, matters Arthurian, etc. These aren't game stats, but might be useful to players or gamemasters looking for additional information.

Uncredited material is by me, Greg Stafford.

Why So Many Weapon skills?. Here are some designer notes to explain my designer theory in making so many different weapon skills.

This is a Sexist Game. The title says it all--Greg's perspective.

Swords of Pendragon. Here is a scan of an old article that I wrote, originally for White Dwarf magazine.

Book Gleanings. When I read a book these days I often jot down new words, incidents etc. on the inside cover. I try to keep the notes in one place, which is hard, and so maybe this can be that place. We will see. Here's a set of gleanings taken from Life in a Medieval Castle by Joseph & Frances Gies.

Master's Thesis by Witold Krawczyk about the GPC--great observations. There is a lot of intro information but go through it or skip ahead to about halfway for the GPC data. Very insightful!

Les Armoiries des Chevaliers de la Table Ronde by Freddy Sibileau. A COMPLETE LIST of Round Table Knights including a description of their coats of arms, supporters and mottos, and also the source from which it comes. The sources are mainly thirteenth century works, especially the various Armorial lists extant today. I used the d'Armagnac Armorial for KAP, which is only one of Freddy's sources. Oh yea, it's in French, but give it a go--you will be surprised how much you understand.

Medieval Literary Sources 1: King Arthur ; and 2: Merlin. Here are some personal notes about Medieval sources that I think Pendragon players might find interesting. This isn't literary theory blah blah, but some stuff I think about the stories, like how Artorios dux became King Arthur.

RPG in the Fourteenth Century, or Where I Got the Heraldry. Roots of Pendragon! The oldest formal roleplaying that I know of was done in the Fourteenth Century. Here is my proof of it. .

Literary Sources for the Orkney Coast of Arms. These are notes about the Orkney Arms in general, and their literary origins. .

Grail Christianity. Essay about the religion centered on the Holy Grail.
by Matthew DeForrest

Genre and Generic. Essay about why thee are no magician characters in Pendragon.

Faerie Places. Essay about the enchanted places of Enchanted Britain.
by Greg Stafford and Doyle Tavener

Knowledge Skills in Pendragon. How they changed, ones I have considered using, etc.

Dr Pendragon's GM Advice

Dating Easter and Pentecost An article providing the dates for Easter and Pentecost over the GPC provided by Sir Knightly

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