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In the old days it was easy to find a store that had rack and ranks of these figures to look at before you bought. Typically they would be glud to yardsticks with the SKU written on a tiny label that was peeling off.

Now, of course, we use the internet.

Well, first I recommend Thunderbolt Mountain. These are just fantastic figures by Tom Meier, Thunderbolt Mountain. This link goes right to the Arthurian figures, which to me capture the flair and fantasy that the Arthurian legends portray. but look at his historical figures too, and for more of his great work, look below under Lance & Laser.

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I asked Roderick Robertson, my local expert on figures, for his further recommendations. Here they are:

Lance & Laser (former makers of a FABULOUS line of licensed Pendragon, figures, with each set containing three figures: armored mounted, armored on foot, and in courtly garb appropriate to the various Periods, and as a bonus, sculpted by Tome Meier. Now L&L still has some great Welsh and Saxons Kings & Queens on thrones, with dogs, etc.)

Alternative Armies (Fantasy Irish)

Artizan designs (Arthurian British)

Black Tree Designs (Especially their Hundred Year's War, Feudal and Dark Ages lines, Men of Averaign, Saxons, Late Romans))

Crusader Miniatures (Irish, Saxons, Normans, Vikings, Hundred years War and War of the Roses lines))

Eureka Miniatures (nice Beowulf and Retinue))

Games Workshop (Bretonnians make reasonable late-Medievals)

Gripping Beast (Saxons & Vikings, Late Roman/British, Irish, Scots, Picts, Normans, Various Crusades, Civilians, Livestock, Buildings, Ships)

IronWind Metals (the old Ral Partha lines. A number of suitable packs in their historical sections.)

Old Glory ) (a huge selection of miniatures in bags of 30 infantry or 10 Cavalry in their Historical ranges)

Perry Miniatures (Have Hundred Years War and Crusades)

RAFM (various medieval types hidden in their Fantasy catalog)

Reaper (medieval types hiding here and there)

Wargames Foundry) (many lines suitable to the period)

West Wind) (Arthurian line with Late Romans, Irish, Saxons, Picts)

FINALLY, keep your eyes open for any quirky little ting that might work at close to the right scale. You can never tell when you will see those little amanita mushrooms or an elephant.

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