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In my current campaign one of the PCs—the most successful (i.e.- luckiest) of them all--has become the Earl of Liecester and, thanks to his brilliance (and luck) at Badon, was given the hand of King Arthur’s sister Elaine, and also the holding of the formerly rebellious Kingdom of Garloth. His titles for it is Earl of Leicester and Earl of Garloth.

Here’s a larger copy of the map that we are using, and also below some very brief notes about what is there. Since it is currently early in the campaign I’ve chosen to leave it largely undeveloped, save for a few castles.

Nohaut is included on the map, but most of its places do NOT have descriptions below.


3 Districts

Garloth is divided into three districts, each more or less corresponding to the drainage area of the major river within it.

Windesan District. Northernmost, largest and richest of the districts; from Coldingham to Fenwick village.

Alnwick District. Central area, from Belford to West Thirston (north of the river Coquet).

Morpeth District. East Thirsten (south of the river Coquet) to Blyth River.


These are all towns, unless otherwise noted. The only villages noted are those that are on the border, or by another feature of note.
Aln, river; with a ford at Alnwick. Alnwick (pronounced “Annik”). Town, market and castle, just south of the ford over the Aln river
Alnwick. Town, castle; center of the Alnwick district.
Belford. Alnwick district.
Belsay. Morpeth district.
Belsay. Town, in the Morpeth district, on the border of the Kingdom of Nohaut.
Berwick (pronounced “Berrik”) on Tweed. See Windesan.
Blyth River. Small river, border between Garloth and Nohaut.
Blyth. Town, port; Morpeth district.
Blyth. Town, port; part of Nohaut
Cheviot Hills. Steep hills west of Garloth, largely possessed by Gorre.
Cocksburnspath (pr. “Coburnspath”). Town; northernmost border town between Lothian and Garloth; held by Lothian.
Coldingham. Town, northern settlement of the Kingdom of Garloth, in the district of Windesan. Beyond is the (Kingdom of) Lothian.
Coldstream. Windesan district.
Coquet River. Border between Alnwick and Morpeth districts.
Corbridge. Town south of the Wall, part of Nohaut.
Dere Steet. Old roman road that runs from Eburacum (Malahaut) to Edinburge (Lothian); the Garloth part is from Corbridge, in Nohaut, north to Jedburgh, in the Windesan district, and is part of the Royal Road (Via Regia) of Lothian.
Dolorous Garde (Bamburg). Haunted castle; Alnwick district.
DURHAM. CITY, castle, cathedral, abbey; part of Nohaut.
Ellingham. Alnwick district.
Fenwick. Village, the southernmost settlement of the Windesan District
Galashiels. Windesan district.
German Ocean (North Sea). The ocean to the east of Garloth.
Gorre. Kingdom west of Garloth, large occupying the Cheviot Hills and other western areas
Harbottle. Alnwick district, on the upper Coquet River.
Harbottle. Claimed to be in the Alnwick district, it is a possession of Gore.
Harwick. Town, far up the Teviot River. Claimed to be in the Windesan district, it is in the possession of the King of Gorre.
Hexham. Town, Abbey south of Tyne, part of Nohaut.
Holy Isle (Lindisfarne). Abbey; small and blessed island off the coast between Windesan and Alnwick districts
Jedburgh. Town; claimed by Windesan district, it is a possession of Gore.; going south from here is the Old roman Dere Steet through the Cheviot Hills to corbridge.
Kelso. Windesan district.
Lothian. Kingdom north of Garloth, largely occupying the lands around the Firth of Forth. .
Morpeth. Town, castle. Center of the Morpeth district.
Nohaut. Kingdon/land south of Garloth.
Rothbury. Alnwick district, on the Coquet river.
Swinton. Windesan district.
Thirston, East. Village, on the south side of the Coquet River; Morpeth district.
Thirston, West. Village, on the north side of the Coquet River; Alnwick district.
Till River. A tributary of the Tweed.
Tweed River.
Tynemouth. Town, port; part of Nohaut.
WANDESBOROUGH (Newcastle). CITY, port, castle; south of the Wall, part of Nohaut.
Wansbeck River. Small river, upon which is Morpeth.
Watling Street. Another name for Dere St, which see.
WINDESAN (Berwick on Tweed). CITY, castle, port; center of the Windesan district.
Wooler. Windesan district; on the Till

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