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I don’t recall from whence I gleaned this information. They’re words from medieval law that might come in handy in your KAP game.

amerce: to punish by a fine imposed arbitrarily by court

amercement: an arbitrary fine imposed by court, usually for a minor offense (Trespassing in the King’s Forest, etc.)

appanage: the land or source of revenue given by a king to maintain a member of the ruling family

disseisin: wrongful usurpation of the powers and privileges of ownership

escheat: to default to a liege lord because a land or holding has no heir

impost: something imposed; typically, an impost is especially applied today to duties on imported gods

investiture: act or ceremony of conferring the authority and symbols of office

relief: money paid by the heirs of the deceased to the liege lord for the privilege of succeeding in their inheritance

seisin: taking legal possession of land

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