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Hundreds for KAP

Here are maps of each county marked with the hundreds for each.
They are in various states of completion: those preceded by ! are "done". The (numbers) in each hundred shows the total value in £ render, but remember that they may be divided up with manors, estates, and so on within them.

The others are not finished, and some of them even have the "translated names" of the hundreds instead of the actual ones. I do not normally like to release unfinished information, but I have been told that anything is better than nothing, and so here is something.

I will be updating these slowly. If someone needs a specific unfinished map, please feel free to contact me through email and I'll prioritize it.

! Bedegraine County, KAP6
! Berroc County, KAP6
! Caercolun County, north KAP6
! Caercolun County, South KAP6
! Caerwent, east KAP6
! Caerwent, west KAP6
! Clarence
! Thamesmouth County, KAP6
Ascalon County
Clarence, showing area map of Greenhome
Gentian, FINAL
Glevum County FINAL
Hartland, partial
Jagent County
Linden County
Lonazep County
Regnentium 480, divided up
Salisbury, showing Hundreds
Silchester Hundreds
Wuerensis County

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