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Pendragon Book of Knights & Ladies, Advanced Character Generation

I am very happy to announce the upcoming appearance of Pendragon Book of Knights & Ladies.

This is a 122-page paper publication of the Advanced Character Generation system for King Arthur Pendragon 5 which will be available later from White Wolf in pdf form.

Pendragon Book of Knights & Ladies

Create a knight or lady from ANY PLACE...
100 Homelands of Britain,
nine Continental Homelands;

ANY TIMEduring the 85 years of the Great Pendragon Campaign.

Six Mainstream peoples (Cymri, Irish, Romans, Picts, Saxons and Aquitanians)
nine Continental peoples (Byzantines, Danes, French, Germans, Huns, Italians, Occitanians, Spanishand Zazamacites);

plus twelve religions (Roman Christianity, British Christianity, British Paganism, Arian Christian, Orthodox Christianity, Neoplatonic Christians, Manicheists, Cathars, Germanic Paganism, Pictish Heathenism, Jews and Saracens)

"But what kind of knight are you?"

I've held close to the genera, of course, but I’ve also taken plenty of creative liberties to make it fun. Thus the Saxons are experts in two handed weapons, and there is a Pict county on the Cornish border.

Also, this presents the continental cultures with their own Medieval characteristics, so the Germans might be serf knights, the Occitanians have their free (allodial) knights, the Italians their merchant nobles and so on.

Thousands of character types are possible!

122 pages. $50.

Sample Pages

Click here to see a sample Continental People, The Italians.

Click here to see a list of the changes between the new and old character generation systems.

Click here to see a list of the noble titles that might be held by your character’s lord or father.

Click here to see a list of the 100 Homelands.

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