Lady's Random Statistics

Random Determination:
SIZ roll 2d6+2
STR roll 2d6+2
DEX roll 3d6 +1
CON roll 3d6 +1
APP roll 3d6 +5

Cultural Attribute Modifiers

Certain cultures have bonuses and penalties for some attributes.
This modification is applied after the base attributes have been allotted. Thus, these modifiers can allow people to go above or below their normal restriction, to within the values listed in the “Cultural Attributes Table (after Modifiers).”

Aquitainian: +1 DEX, +1 CON, +1 APP
Cymric: +3 CON
Irish: +3 CON
Pict: –3 SIZ, +3 DEX,–3 APP
Roman: +1 DEX, +2 APP
Saxon: +3 SIZ, –3 DEX, +3 STR


Character Generation

Ladies’s’ Starting Traits are the same as for men, except that Valor is only at 10.
Add 5 points to any Trait.

Cymric and Saxon Cultural Bonuses

The weapon skills bonuses of the men are replaced with these:
Cymric: Distaff
Distaff is used instead of Industry and Stewardship.
Saxon: Nordic Charm
Thee’s just something about athletic, blue eyed, blonds…
Used to replace Flirting, and Treat as a Secret Powers affecting Chaste.

Religious Traits and Bonus

Ladies of ANY religion get the same bonus if they live up to their religion’s virtues.
However, the bonus gained is different than a man’s.
Ladies get the Special Feminine Mystique, explained below.