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Medlar Manor
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Medlarwood--My PC Manor.

Medlar Manor is an imaginary manor that I have made up to match my character. I checked with the GM (me) and then designed a holding that was short on staple crops (£2), but long on medlar orchards. It gets an average of 6 libra income from this. I decided sometime or other that it is located at a town I call Leake, which is within the area ruled by Edar. Actually, there is no Leake on my map, but there is an East Leake and a West Leake, so there must have been a central Leake long ago. That, Central Leake, is where Medlar Manor is located.

This map shows where the manors would be, on a modern map.

Medlarwood Manor Finances

I don't have a copy of the original form of the manor, but here it is for the end of the year 530. The original manor had an average of 6 libra income, but was significantly adjusted with some investments paid for with loot from France and Rome.

Manorial Records

A couple of notes on my Records here

As always, when I use these pages I always tinker and try out new stuff. this page certainly shows the results of that. On the full page, look at the lower right corner--now a box for "retinue." Well not really, you can see I finally just put the manorial personnel under the Feature. Why not? It's a regular annual expense, and I have all the other information for the end of year right there too.

Under Features

medlar manor i/o

Farms is in two places, by accident. First above, in the Manor Summary. But I shifted it to the Features section, because that's where I need it for the annual harvest calculations.

Apiary, crossed out was functional until Cynfyn burned it to celebrate becoming a Candlebee, in 530.

Steward "bro.", crossed out was Cynfyn's brother, who he just gave the job to (rather than hiring a professional). He died from a random event.

Wonderful Cat is a Luck item that Cynfyn got.

Orchard 3 is one he planted after getting back from France. "Notes" shows when it will start to bear fruit.

Steward "Frank", crossed out. When Cynfyn's (npc) brother died from a random event, Cynfyn had to find an outsider to do it. He didn't spend any money but just took the first recommended guy, who had a skill of 2. He failed every roll. But he was not laid off (scratched out) for that though, (what's Cynfyn know, with a Stewardship of 3, anyway?). It is because Cynfyn got married and his wife will now be handling all that.

Bunny Manor is his wife's holding. I just treat it as a flat £6 for Anticipated income.

Annual gift is what he's getting from King Edar for his great heroism in Ireland. Note that it is paid AFTER anticipated Income, and is not affected by the harvest results. beehive 1

Scutage is an expense that Cynfyn pays instead of bringing a knight to war. Normally this would be £6, but Cynfyn benefited from his lord's generosity.

Apiary again, this one is to replace the one he burned.


Old means it was there when the game began, when the manor was generated.

Annual Income

When I calculate my Anticipated Income, I just go right down this column. It has all the sources of Cynfyn's regular income. It's the first thing done when figuring the manor's Harvest.

Annual Maintenance

The last thing done when figuring the manor's Harvest is to subtract all the normal, annual expenses. Those ought to all be here, which is why the steward, retinue and so on ought to be listed here. Just go down the list and add it up, then subtract that amount from the Treasury. If it's short, then emergency measures need to be taken, or else the investments, etc. will fall quickly to ruin.

Notes, rolls, Checks, etc.

All kinds of stuff here--Passion and Trait rolls from Enhancements (Love Family, Indulgent), Stewardship skill, date when the new orchard will yield harvest, note that the Gift from King Edar comes AFTER the harvest calculation, etc. medlar treasure


Here's my current Treasure Record. I use this to keep track of all spendable money. I see I've done a petty sloppy job of it. I might redo it correctly, to subtract annual upkeep for instance. I also think I'd like to set aside the "non-spendable" money, like the furnishings in the manor and his best set of clothign, and maybe also the cash he carries around with him.

In light of those desired changes, I will probably design a new page for this.

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