Miscellaneous Tables

Wife for a Tenant in Chief

The Random Wife Table in Pendragon is inappropriate for titled noblemen, who will certainly marry someone from among their class. Hereís one for them. Itís based on a couple of assumptions:

Random Wife for Tenant-in-Chief

As with a knight, add one to the die roll for each year that the noble is actively looking, but not choosing.
But remember, once the die is rolled, that wife is the one! If rejected, expect to have an angry king on hand, and also a very angry family of the rejected woman.

Loot From Raiding

The rewards for Adventure: The Raid/The Pillage in GPC on page 66-67 are pretty unsatisfying. Here are some guidelines to replace them.

Each of those requires about a week of effort to gather up the plunder. This is done in small groups, not an army, and hence it is possible to be ambushed.