Oriflam Pendragon, The French Publications

Oriflam is the French publisher who released the French-language versions of Pendragon. Many of these are hard cover, and most of them have additional illustrations on the interior. They are all excellent products, as is typical of the French, and many are superior to their English-language counterparts.

I hope the illustrations are sufficient to satiate your curiosity, and that you can translate the titles to their English counterparts. If not, just enjoy the pictures!

My thanks to Vincent Lefavrais for scanning these. Oriflam1 Oriflam2 Oriflam Oriflam4 Oriflam5 Oriflam6 Oriflam7 Oriflam8 Oriflam9 Oriflam10 Oriflam11 Oriflam12 Oriflam13 Oriflam14 Oriflam15 gm1 gm2 gm3 gm4