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What's happening with GSPendragon?

Good things. We are in a new reign.

All GSP products will be available through Nocturnal, via both PoD and PDF. They will all be edition 1.1, all of them with errata corrected. A new cover, paid text editors and layout wizards will all improve the existing and future products. Importantly for me, I do not have to do the packing and shipping anymore.

Furthermore, I’m empowered to seek new material for the game. I am, at this time, the Acquisitions Editor, with full editorial powers. I’m looking for new material.

I am looking for new Adventures, that is. I do not need further explorations or systems for the historical side that I’ve been concentrating on while GSP. Now I want to get back to the core: adventures.

AND, I’d love to see other KAP system games—send ‘em on in! Who had that proposal for a Samauri game based on it? Where is that guy who wanted to do the Water Margin? Where is the creative author who will stun me with his originality in applying the game?

Watch this space for more, and I’ll soon have a list of places to watch for the New Reign of KAP.

Updates on all GSPendragon publications always appear first at "The Word from Camelot"

Book of Battle

US$40. 88 pages

Knights fight. Armies meet, large and small; where knights do their duty for lord and for Glory.

This book is about YOUR small unit amidst the mayhem, dust and blood as hundreds of knights as confused, brave and murderous as you, Sir Knight. Imagine the battle as the setting for adventure--here is what might occur! Use the same KAP game system, set in this deadly mileau, at one tactical step up.

Your Unit-eschille or squadron to be more precise-relies on the commanders Battle skill to get the best of the 25 possible maneuvers for your unit. Every knight fights all the time. And yes, YOU can turn the tide of battle, for better or worse!

See more about The Book of Battle here.

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Book of Armies

US$40 88 pages

32 Armies to kill or be killed--almost 1000 units presented!

A battle is a setting, like any place adventure occurs. This is a guideline to that deadly scenario.

Fourteen Arthurian Armies, Period by Period, from Uther to Camlann. Also, notes on which enemy table to use for every battle in GPC, some of which have their own special muster. Also including many special units ready to use: mercenaries, Round Table knights by Period, weird troops (elephants! chariots!), leaders (general and specific) and more.

Eight British Armies: natives from savage Saxons to tribal Cymri to wily Picts or Irish and including bandits and faeries and even peasant armies.

Twelve Continental Armies, each with its own quirky and particular armies: condottieri, ribauds, ulfsarkers, Pecheneg horse archers and much, much more.

See more about The Book of Armies here.

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Book of Knights & Ladies, Advanced Character Generation

US$40 122 pages NEW PRICE

Book of Knights & Ladies is the Advanced Character Generation system for KAP5.

Generate a knight or lady from any place and any time in the King Arthur realm. They may come from any of a hundred different specific locations in Britain proper, or from any one of ten foreign lands.

See more about The Book of Knights & Ladies here.

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Book of the Manor

US$20.00 48 pages

Book of the Manor is the economic system to use for knightly manors in KAP5.

It is more than just economics, though! Some improvements provide money, but other provide ways to reinforce your knight's personality by building improvements that provide the manor holder with annual rolls or checks for appropriate Traits and Passions.

It also contains other additional economic data (cost for burials, knighting, etc.), information for retinue expansion, and so on.

See more about The Pendragon Book of the Manor here

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