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Playing Aides

Here are some additions and clarifications for Pendragon.

Newest Character Sheets These are the pdf's for the character sheets contained in Knights & Ladies, Advanced Character Generation.


Camelot. Greg's Collection of Pendragon Figures
Arthurian Heraldry, for Pendragon. starts here.


Click through these links to find the lists of articles on each subject. Margawse and Picts

Lots of information for both NPC and player character Ladies in Pendragon

Material concerning leaders and lands in Pendragon Britain

The crazy, uncontrollable part of Pendragon

These are always there, in the background.

Heraldic Arms
Arthurian Heraldry, for Pendragon. starts here.

also, miscellaneous Stats

Greg’s hand-drawn maps, some Pendragon, 4th edition maps, and some maps by volunteers.

Keeping track of things

MICELLANEOUS, "Little Things"
Little things like "Skills I Didn’t Use"

Two types of information are here now.
1. Greg Stafford Comments n Medieval Literature
2. Some source material that I found interesting, useful.


Lady with hawk

The traditional King Arthur cycle is a very narrowly defined masculine story, and King Arthur Pendragon reflects that. It is about warrior noblemen, and everyone else has a secondary role, if any at all. That epic world is the setting, and so it mirrors the literature. The stories are not set to accommodate other social classes. Throughout 500 years of medieval literature a couple of peasants appear, priests mainly in the Grail Quest as interpreters of the miracles.

Noble women are far more prominent than non-knightly men. Queen Guenever is half the story of King Arthur. Princess Elaine of Carbonek is the betrayed yet loyal woman, and Queen Isoud something of a doll, but Morgan le Fay and The Ladies of the Lake are women of power. Many other ladies appear to inspire or bewitch the knights.

The material here is for traditional women, or at least women living in the elite strata of a traditional society. Pendragon allows women knights (King Arthur Pendragon, page 41-43), but this is addressing the ordinary noble ladies of court who restrict themselves to traditional roles.

Finally, this is more for NPC wives than fully fleshed out women. Materials for in-depth treatments for player character women are in the works.

Sex and Dishonor Practicing the double standard.

Random Statistics. Randomly rolling stats for women.

Glory for Women. Women don’t get Glory the same way that men do.

New Child Birth Tables. Four Tables, based on the age of the mother.

The Pageant. A 3-event spectacle for women.

Ladies' Money. Women can earn some extra, personal money through Industry.

NPC Wife Skill Advancement. How many skills does an NPC wife have?


Camelot. Notes on visiting this great city, and the maps from Great Pendragon Campaign.

The Lands of Pendragon. An extensive list of all the counties and kingdoms of the Great Pendragon Campaign, and their leaders, as well as they are known.

Homelands. A list of player character Homelands (the counties, counties and kingdoms of the Book of Knights & Ladies.

Lords of Britain. A list of the titles used in Pendragon

GARLOTH. Some information on this northern land, the realm of Queen Elaine; with map.

MALAHAUT. The great kingdom of Cumbria, with maps.


Lady with hawk

Upon first seeing Lancelot and Guenever… Adore, the Passion for the Queen or her Champion

Loyalty (to my friends) A little bit of elaboration on the Loyalty (Group) passion.

Snap Out of It! Overcoming Melancholy

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Family and Society

The Extended Family An essay on what to do with the additional family members in your knight's family. This includes some excerpts from Knights & Ladies, Advanced Character Generation.

Retinue Your knight may be able to afford more retinue than just his squire. Check here for costs, etc.

Wife for a Tenant-in-Chief Random Wife Table for the well heeled.
Hey, did you know that "well heeled" came from the styles of the rich and fashionable nobles? Tall heels were a sign of social status (yes, men too). And I'd suggest this kind of foppish fashion starts in the Romance Period.


SCENARIO Castle of Bones. Writtten by Matthew M. DeForrest. You want Glory? It lies in Caer Anoth, the Castle of Bones. Matthew has generously shared his scenario with us. This is a great adventure, but the legendary origins --a skeleton army!-- makes it a deadly scenario. How good is it? I nearly put this into GPC but didn't only because it would have practically required a TPK (Total Party Kill--you have been warned!). And whether you play this or not, it's a good read.

New Animals Ten animals, nine new, some silly.

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Newest Map

Salisbury, IN COLOR A beautifully colored version of the 4th edition Salisbury Map, with both pages merged and colorized in a gorgeous manner. This was done by Andrew.


Britain to the Wall This is a map from the 4th edition Pendragon


Garloth. for my game, "What Everyone Knows" about places in Queen Elaine's kingdom.
Text for these places is found here.

Malahaut. "What Everyone Knows," or easily discovers, about the land of the King of One Hundred Knights.

Salisbury, western This map is originally from the 4th edition Pendragon

Salisbury, eastern This is the other half of that map from the 4th edition Pendragon

LINDSEY MAP 1, What Everyone Knows This is the starting "Your Homeland" player handout for my game.

LINDSEY MAP 2, The insider's Leicester This is a player handout for my game. It shows the more traveled roads of the characters' home county

Lindsey, by Steff Worthington Steff artistic cartography was provoked by my crude maps, and he's given us this much improved version to post.

Lindsey, by Sven Lugar. Sven is a player in my game. He too clarified the setting with his map.


Camelot. From the GPC book.

Stafford Manor. An old map in public domain that illustrates a manor, slightly altered by my friend DZ.

Central Logres This is a map from the 4th edition Pendragon

City Maps Greg's crude, hand-drawn maps of the larger cities of Logres and Britain. Good enough to use in my game!

Forms and Records

Newest Character Sheets These are the pdf's for the character sheets contained in Knights & Ladies, Advanced Character Generation.

For/From Book of the Manor Land Record Forms, Work sheets, Treasure Sheets and other useful forms to help keep order in your record-keeping.

Winter Phase Synopsis A handy, short version of what to do for your character over winter.

More Sample charters Eight more sample manorial charters, similar to those in Pendagon Book of the Manor.

Little Things

Knowledge Skills Skill changes through editions

Loot From Raiding

Two New Investments Two little Investments, which are also Enhancements (with Passion opportunities) that I've put into my Pendragon game.

Source Materials

Greg Stafford's Notes on Medieval Literature.

A Menu for a King's Feast Here's a historical menu for a king's feast.

The Original Laws of Love The original, simple version of the Rules for romance.

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