Sample charters

The Pendragon Book of the Manor explains that charters are the official documents that state the rights and obligations of a knight to his lord in return for the fief named in the charter. A few samples are given there. Here are a few more. The first one is a minimal form, given as an example of a standard manor. The others are increasingly detailed and colorful, and also illustrate the variety of other types of manors that might be given.

To Sir Edgar of Cirencester, in return for one knight’s service, I do hereby grant unto his care and safety the manor of Lambside.

In Game terms: 1 manor, grant, for 1 knight service. Annual income £6; Annual Glory: 6.

Sir Geoffrey of Mutley shall have the small fishing village of Codtown for himself and his heirs, plus the salt taken from the nearby Codsbay, and one additional £ collected from the nearby town of Salthrop to pay for a watchman to live upon the cliff and keep watch to the sea for raiders, sailors or any other ships and boats that approach from that sea.

In Game terms: Grant, £4 (“small village”), salt evaporator £1d3-1, £1 collected. Glory: 7.

To Sir Hugh, my man of hands and mouth, I do hereby gift the manor of Frolesworth a poor manor certainly capable of improvement by such an industrious knight as he who speaks so plainly in court. May he benefit thereby, and report to the Lady Adeliza each Christmastime of its progress and worth.

In Game terms: 1 manor, gift, for 1 knight service. Annual income £4 (“poor manor”). Annual Glory: 6.

To the fair and precious lady Alis, the innocent and delightful daughter of Ranulf the Good, I give from my hands a gift of manor hall of Yaxley, and I sincerely pray she will be satisfied with the bounty of its north field worth £2 of income, plus its sheep herd for its wool, mutton and especially parchment, and also all benefits gained from the vineyards of its north slope, and also the garden there, that she may find repose and inspiration in it, and pleasure from its gazebo, to compose her books of learning and erudition, and also entertain her humble lord when he deigns to visit her.

In Game Terms: Gift, £2 field income, £1d4-2 sheep herd, £1d6-2 vineyard, minus £2 upkeep for her (as a writer) and £1 for the garden. Annual Glory: 8.

My loyal man, Sir Gamble, receives this manor named Wallingford from me, the Earl of Hertford, given in perpetuity for his service in my army and at court. Furthermore to his care, for his life but to be returned to me upon his death, is granted the rights to the impoverished fishing village of Sello, worth £2 per year; and also gift of £1 from the tolls collected from Burn’s Bridge, to be delivered to him each Christmas by the sergeant of the Bridge Guard.

In Game terms: 1 manor, grant, for 1 knight service. Annual income £6; ALSO gifted: fishing village, tolls. Annual income £3. Annual Glory: 8.

I, the most holy but humble PEDROG Abbott of Saint Equitus, by virtue of the powers granted to me by my Patron and Lord Banneret LORD SIR ANSFRID, do hereby give a gift to my friend and servant SIR AZUR, in return for his service and that of three other bachelor knights of his choosing, for the defense of my Abbey and service in the army of my lord LORD SIR ANSFRID. This gift is the manors called Welton and Tyrley, including the income from the walnut orchard called Bak’s Trees, the apple orchard called William’s Hold, care and income from the fishpond of the Leftside Millpond, and also all the income from the dairy kept thereby. Finally, from the funds of mine own poor Abbey of Saint Equitus shall he receive a gift of £9 delivered on the day before the celebration of the birth of OUR JESU CHRISTOS, given over after his renewal of his oath of loyalty to the Abbot, accompanied by his three men and their squires.

In Game terms: 2 manors, gift, for 4 knights service (annual cost = £18). Annual income £12 from manor, £2d3+2 minus £2 from Orchards, £1d2 minus £1 from fishpond, £1d6 minus £3 for dairy, and £9 from abbey. Annual Glory: 12.

Sir Brychan is my loyal man, and to finance his service to me I do grant to him the hamlet of Ingham in the Vale, plus income from the flocks of sheep that graze to the west, north and south of that manor, and additionally income of £3 per annum from the mine called Greystone located near to his holding.

In Game terms: Grant of 1 hamlet for £2, three sheep herds worth £1d4x3-6, plus £3. Annual Glory: 12.

I, King Arthur, the lord of all Britain by the Grace of God and His Virgin Mother, for the great service granted to me and my kingdom for his prowess in the great Battle of Badon, grant to this good and valiant knight SIR CYDFYN for the duration of his life and that of all his heirs the rich manor called CROWHURST, to be held in the service of my Tenant in Chief CELYN AP CAW, Earl of Sussex, in exchange for one knight’s service. Additionally, with this manor is the right to log the FOREST OF THE WEALD one time per year, one half of the money to be given to the Earl and the other half to be kept by SIR CYDFYN.

In Game terms: 1 manor, grant, for 1 knight service. Annual income £9 (“rich manor”); ALSO half of each year’s logging rights (= £1d3). Annual income £9 + (½ £1d3). Annual Glory: 9.