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(Dec 29, '08) Camelot
The great city of King Arthur, with notes on the Chivalric Virtue Test, and more, can be found here.

(Nov 20, '08) Essays Page
Practicing I've linked in a batch of other essay-like writings from the site to here, including "RPG in the Fourteenth Century." can be found here.

Sex and Dishonor
Practicing the Double Standard in Pendragon can be found here.

This is a Sexist Setting
Greg's essay on this subject

(Nov 20, '08) Malahaut, revised
I've updated the history, improved the maps and added improved maps of Eburacum can be found here.

In general, I have been reworking the layout for many of the older pages, occasionally revising minor content as I did.

(Nov 14, '08) Great Pendragon CampaignErrata
Some errors crept in during editing, I made some mistakes, I have found some improvements, and some general comments are all here.

(Nov 5, '08) More on Heraldry
Frank’s done a whole batch more. Most of them are here.

This page is also the link to stories about Arthurian arms. I’ve begun inserting them in the Homelands and Leaders chapter, and will use them to generally decorate pages.

This is a new, improved version of this ladies’ event.

(Oct 30, '08) Greg's Pendragon Miniature Figures
I've got an ol' set of 25mm figures that I use to play the game, and here are photos of them.

(Oct 21, '08) Medieval Literary Sources
I really love the old Arthurian literature and I've started to post some thoughts about them.
This is the stuff that made the Great Pendragon Campaign.
More materials will be done like the one posted about "New characters from the the Prose Tristram," accessible from the page above.
The Heraldry Page has changed a little bit. Now each coat of arms is labeled with its owner's name. Thanks Frank!

(Oct 3, '08) Garloth map and text, Malahaut map
Map of Garloth. being an improvement (color, scale) of the one below.
Text for these places is found here.

Map of Malahaut. "What Everyone Knows," or easily discovers, about the land of the King of One Hundred Knights.

By the way, I always make my maps by tracing a 1:1000000 scale map, which is the standard used by the Ordnance Survey that makes the official historical maps for the British government. So my original maps are almost always the same scale as each other. And so are these scans.

(Oct 2, '08) Arthurian Heraldry
Frank Sultana has offered his art to be used on this site, and volunteered to attempt to illustrate mad dreams for the site. Here's the humble start of some really grandiose plans we have.

(Sept 25, '08) Map of Garloth and Nohaut
Here is a map I made to show the places in the land of Garloth. Find the map here.

(Sept 4, '08) Color Maps of Lindsey
Here are a pair of maps made by a couple of people with far more talent than I have for cartography. Find them from here.

(Sept 3, '08) Dovecote and Warren
Two new Investments--or are they Enhancements?--for your manorial splendor. Find them here.

(July 28, '08) Hunting Template
David Zeeman has contributed this Hunting Mat, for Hunting. Find the link from here.

(August 19, '08) Homelands and Leaders
This is the master list that I use, and have used, to populate the Pendragon realm. It is a list of all Homelands, both friendly (as in Knights & Ladies) and hostile. It lists the leaders during the Pendragon Campaign. Find it here.

(July 18, '08) Hunting
To clarify and the rules for Hunting, I’ve revised the rules, and added a Q&A. They are here.

(July 18, '08) Form of Society: North
The Form of Society: North was inadvertently omitted from the Book of Knights & Ladies.. You can find it here.

(July 9, '08) Prince Valiant Annotations
Todd Jensen has done an extensive annotation to the Prince Valiant Sunday comics, indicating sources and references that Foster used. It starts here.

(June 8, '08) Adore
What is that peculiar Passion that people have for Guenever and Lancelot? It is Adore, and you can learn more about it Find them here.

(June 8, '08) Play aides
The page for Play Aides has been corrected, improved and updated. Find it here.

(May 31, '08) Maps of Salisbury
Here are a pair of maps made available. These originally appeared in Pendragon 4th edition, and Find them from here.

(May 31, '08) Overcoming Melancholy--corrections A few minor corrections have been entered for this article. See it here.

(May 20, '08) Skills and Advancement for NPC Wives
How many skills does a wife have? Find it from here.

(May 19, '08) Some Maps newly posted
Some maps from the 4th edition Pendragon are here, plus some from my own campaign. See it here.

(May 12, '08) Errata for Knights & Ladies
Corrections for the new Advanced Character Generation system See it here.

(May 10, '08) Grail Christianity, essay
An essay written by Matthew M. DeForrest. See it here.

(May 10, '08) MORE Notes on the passion Loyalty (Group) See it here.

(May 10, '08) New Character Sheets See them here. These are crisp and clear, not fuzzy, versions of the generic, all-purpose male and female pages, front and back.

(May 10, '08) New Shipping Rates See them here. Postal rates have just changed, and also I want to make it easier for me to do this.

(May 2, '08) Overcoming Melancholy, Madness and Lovesick See it here.

(Apr 25, '08) Notes on the passion Loyalty (Group) See it here.

(Apr 25, '08) The Extended Family See it here.

(Apr 12, '08) Update on Knights & Ladies See the new lists here and see the FINAL layout for the ITALIANS here.

(Apr 12, '08) New Character Sheets See them here. Generic, all-purpose male and female pages, front and back.

(Apr 11, '08) A Menu for a King's Feast See it here.

(Feb 4, '08) Covers of Spanish and German Pendragon Books See them here.

(Jan 30, '08) UPDATE on Knights & Ladies! It's One book Now!.

(Jan 30, '08) Two New forms. for Glory and Family Gifted to us by 42! See it here.

(Jan 16, '08) A SCENARIO "Castle of Bones," Written by Matthew M. DeForrest. See it here.

(Jan 12, '08) Some wood carvings of medieval animals have been added. See them here

(Jan 12, '08) 100 Mainstream Homelands have been corrected, here

(Jan 4, '08) Looking for "Advanced Character Generation?" Look no further than here

(Jan 4, '08) Lords of Britain have been listed and defined. View update here

(Jan 4, '08) 100 Mainstream Homelands are listed, along with Culture and Religion, here

(Dec 25, '07) Chief Steward was added to Additional Retinue View update here

(Dec 24, '07) Book of the Manor was added to the Publications History View update here

(Dec 23, '07) Treasure Record was added View update here

(Dec 23, '07) Unhelmeted rules has been added. View update here, scroll down to just below Grapple

(Dec 23, '07) Grapple and Brawlinghave been clarified. View update here, scroll to the sections.

(Dec 19, '07) A new section was added, Forms and Records. It has the Land Record sheet and the Manor Income worksheet. View update here

(Dec 19, '07) Awards were updated View update here

(Dec 18, '07) City Maps were added View update here

(Dec 18, '07) Images of the covers for Oriflam Publications View update here

(Dec 15, '07) A new section, "Essays and Dissertations" View update here

(Dec 15, '07) Essay, by Greg Stafford on "Genre and Generic" or "Why there are no magicians in Pendragon." View update here

(Dec 15, '07) Faerie Places, by Greg Stafford, Doyle Tavener View update here

(Dec 15, '07) Some errata for Book of the Manor View update here

(Dec 14, '07) Animals named in Book of the Manor:Ten animals, nine of them new, most of them useless, but entertaining. View update here

(Dec 14, '07) Sample Charters: More samples of manorial charters. View update here

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