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(May 20th, '10)
John Wiberg has shared his handsome house rules character sheets (link towards the bottom of the page)

(April 6, '10)
What's Happening with GSPendragon? Check here for the short answer. Me, I'm going back to collect errata...

(March 26, '10)
GOING OUT OF BUSINESS GSPendragon is going to go out of business as a publisher when the final copies of the books are sold. Book of Battle and Book of Armies are already sold out. Move quick if you want the others. first come, first served.

(February 17, '10) The Adventure of Three Hags
This adventure is by Jakob Klunderand first appeared on the WW Forum, which is now dead. The scenario is lively though!

(February 17, '10) Pendragon Paganism
OK, OK, here it is. I've put down some guidelines, some of my thoughts, and with Alan Day begun to take a stab to explain the virtues.


(February 16, '10) One-page Improvements
Here is a 1-page synopsis of all the improvements you can build from Book of the Manor

(January 13, '10) PDF Errata
Please, let us all thank Signore Sergio Vallone, Primo Cavaliere for these pdf versions of the errata.
Thank you, sir!

(January 11, '10) Why So Many Weapns?
Some designer notes on why the weapons are listed separately

(January 7, '10) More Book of Battle Records and Forms
Here are simple copies of Maneuvers & Results Table, 1-page Player's handoutto copy for your game.

Look here to see everything I know right now.

(December 28, '09) Book of Battle Records and Forms
HERE are the forms to copy for your game.

(December 17, '09) Book of Battle and Book of Armies have been released!
HERE is the latest information on my newest GSPendragon releases. Pre-publication specials are over. Sorry.

(November 30, '09) EXTENDED DATE for the Book of Battle and Book of Armies release!
HERE is the latest information on my newest GSPendragon releases. Because the date has been set back a week, I am extending this for one more week, until Dec 8.

(November 19, '09)
I love castles. Here is a list of components, with DV, prices, Period of appearance and so on.

(November 17, '09) NEW DATE for the Book of Battle and Book of Armies release!
HERE has the latest information on my newest GSPendragon releases. Furthermore, save $20 on a Prepublication Special, and see the new lower price for Knights & Ladies.

Allen Varney did a nice interview and asked some interesting questions. See it here, in The Escapist magazine.

(October 21, '09) Book of Battle and Book of Armies release date!
HERE is the latest information on my newest GSPendragon releases.

(August 6, '09) Book of Battle
This page gives an overview on it, with a Table of Contents and sample Enemy.

(June 6, '09) Some Money Perspective
Here's a couple notes to give a perspective on coinage.

(May 21, '09) The Swords of Pendragon
Here's a scan of an ancient article I wrote in White Dwarf. And also Page Two

(May 13, '09) Sir Cynfyn 533, War Against King Arthur?
King Arthur insults Britain's greatest knight!

(May 11, '09) Vocabulary Gleanings
I keep finding odd bits of paper everywhere, and I'll try to collect them all here. This is a list of words that have to do with having a holding.

(April 13, '09) My Story by Sir Cynfyn Portfolio Two, 531 and 532
Well, that title pretty much says it all.

(April 12, '09) Gleanings
Gleanings are what I have picked out of books. This is a list of my notes from Life in a Medieval Castle by Joseph & Frances Gies.

(April 11, '09) LOTS of new stuff here! knights

ALL the Knights of the Round Table!
Plus descriptions of their arms, etc. Start here for this scholarly work: Les Armoiries Des Chevaliers De La Table Ronde

Size, for What It's Worth, Brian Byars.
Comparing KAP SIZ to historical findings.

Loot Tables by Jacob Klünder
Here's Loot by the Pound, particularized by the foes you have defeated.

Catching up on the Corrections on "Catching Up"
I didn't get all the data down the first time! Here's the Complete system.

Separate those knights!
I made two separate pages for Your Players Knights, and my Player Knights.

(April 10, '09) Saxons, Defending
Here is a sample of the Battle Enemy Tables from Book of Battle, specifically the one for Saxons, Defending

(Mar 25, '09) Honor
A page to collect some notes, and to share ideas about the Honor stat, Disobedience, Honor Loss and Apologies.

(Mar 25, '09) Understanding Lancelot
You love him or hate him, but knowing some background will help you in Understanding Sir Lancelot.

(Mar 25, '09) Damage to Multiple Opponents, Pot Belly
Here's a correction for Damage to Multiple Opponents.
Here's the same thing, in brief, in the Errata.

Here's a correction for The Pot Belly in Pendagon.

(Mar 22, '09) Book of Battle
Here's a starting information page concerning The Pendragon Book of Battle. Watch it for updates on Greg's alternate system for your player knight in mass combat.

(Mar 15, '09) medlar fruit Knight of the Medlar, cont.
Touched up the page concerning Sir Cynfyn, Knight of the Medlar, with links to his character sheet now. Also, Medlarwood, Sir Cynfyn's home manor.

(Mar 13, '09) Knight of the Medlar, cont.
The latest entry concerning Sir Cynfyn, Knight of the Medlar, in which he proves the superiority of his lineage, and of nobles in general. And I touched up the whole page a bit.

(Mar 1, '09) Knight of the Medlar
Here is a copy of my blog about my latest player character, Sir Cynfyn, Knight of the Medlar. Also, it has some notes after each session to explain my attitudes, etc.

(Feb 14, '09) Round Table forum
We have set up a new forum to handle your frequent Q&A, since the WW forum is closing down the KAP section. Please check it out here.

(Jan 14, '09) Garrison Duty
If you've missed a few sessions we assume that the knight was on Garrison duty. Catch up on some extra skill rolls with this little system.

(January 5, '09) LOTS and lots
I have reorganized the site pretty extensively, largely to remove the jammed up former page of "Game Aides" and distribute those subjects onto the front page.
AND, a bunch of new stuff has been added. Like that Site Search right up there, to the upper left, and a "Pay Now" button to make it easier to get those neat GSP purchases which are available nowhere else. And a whole new starting page to tell newcomers what the heck this site is about. The Maps page has had several maps added. And a bunch of little articles, corrections, bits of art and so on in just about every category. I didn't keep track of them, so please browse around the site to find them.

(Dec 29, '08) Camelot
The great city of King Arthur, with notes on the Chivalric Virtue Test, and more, can be found here.

(Nov 20, '08) Essays Page
Practicing I've linked in a batch of other essay-like writings from the site to here, including "RPG in the Fourteenth Century." can be found here.

Sex and Dishonor
Practicing the Double Standard in Pendragon can be found here.

This is a Sexist Setting
Greg's essay on this subject

(Nov 20, '08) Malahaut, revised
I've updated the history, improved the maps and added improved maps of Eburacum can be found here.

(Nov 14, '08) Great Pendragon Campaign Errata
Some errors crept in during editing, I made some mistakes, I have found some improvements, and some general comments are all here.

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(Nov 5, '08) More on Heraldry
Frank’s done a whole batch more. Most of them are here.

This page is also the link to stories about Arthurian arms. I’ve begun inserting them in the Homelands and Leaders chapter, and will use them to generally decorate pages.

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