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The Winter Phase, Synopsis

Step 1: Perform Solo

If your character was not played last year, this is expecially important.

Step 2: Experience

Roll a d20 once for each experience check. If the number rolled is greater than the current value, then add one point to that value. If the value is at 20 or greater, a roll of 20 still boosts it by another one point.
If your primary squire has any checks, roll for each skill normally.

Step 3: Aging

Increase the character's age by one year at this time.
After 35 years of age or more, roll on the Aging Table.
Roll 2d6 and consult the Aging Table

Aging Table
2d6Statistics Affected

Statistics Lost Table
1d6resultblamed affliction
1SIZEvil Eye
3STRElf Stroke
6no loss

Step 4: Economics

If needed, to go the YOUR OWN LAND When you know the knight’s Wealth Level, find the modifiers to his upcoming Stable, Marriage and Children events.

Impoverished Knights

-15 to Horse Survival and Child Survival; no children born, -1 to armor, make CON roll, where failure = lose 1 CON.

Poor Knights

-3 to Horse Survival and Child Survival, cumulative each poor year;
-5 to Childbirth Table rolls

Ordinary Knights

No special effects

Rich Knights

+1 to Child Survival Table rolls
+3 to Childbirth Table

Superlative Knights

+2 to Horse Survival Table
+3 to Child Survival Table
+5 to Childbirth Table

Step 5: Stable Rolls

Use for special horses. Normal ones are easily replaced.

Horse Survival Table
1-2Horse dies, breaks a leg, loses its wind, etc.
3-20Horse is healthy

Step 6: Marriage (Optional)

Marriage requires the agreement of the bride’s caretaker, whether father, brother or warden. Wealthier heiresses have less freedom than ordinary ones since their fate involves economic opportunities. The woman has no final say in the choice of her husband, save for that granted by familial affections. Love is irrelevant—this is a business agreement between two families.

Marriage below Character’s Class

Roll Loyalty (Lord). Success = permission to wed. Dowry = 1d6 £, Glory = 10

Marriage within Character’s Class

Roll Courtesy. Success = either: a. Roll on the Random Marriage Table; OR, wait a year, and get +1 on the eventual Random Marriage Table result.

Random Marriage Table
01-0410no holding, 1d3+6 £. goods
05-07251 manor, 1d6 £. goods
08-17501 manor, 1d6+3 £. goods
18-191002 manors, 1d6+6 £. goods
202502 manors, 2d6+6 £. goods

7. Children

Go to New Childbirth Tables

Child Survival Table
1-2Child dies
3-10Child is sick, but lives
11-20Child lives

8. Family Events

Family Events Table
1-2death in family*
3-7marriage in family*
8-12birth in family
13-15missing, may be lost
16-18no event
19-20scandal in family*

* Indicates roll on Family Member Table (below) to find person affected. If the result is ridiculous, like your mother remarrying when your father is alive, reroll.

Family Member Table
18Grandfather (even on d6) or Grandmother (odd on d6)

Scandal Table
1insulted their lord
2-3cheated at a tournament
4badly in debt
5-7adultery accusations
8kidnap accusation
9-10horse stealing accusation
11-16mess love affair almost proved
17murder rumored
18heresy rumored
19necromancy rumored
20roll again, rerolling 20s, but this time the event is proved true!

Step 9: Training and Practice

Choose one:

  1. Change a Personality Trait, Statistic, or Passion
    One trait, statistic or passion value may be changed by one point.
    Restrictions: Traits cannot be increased over 19. Passions cannot be increased over 20. No statistics can be raised higher than its maximum cultural value, which is usually 15, 18, or 21. SIZ may not be increased after age 21 and no statistics may be increased after age 35.
  2. Train Skills Up to 15
    Get 1d6+1 skill points.
    Restrictions: Raise a skill only to a value of 15.
  3. Train a Skill Up to 20
    Increase one skill over 15 by one point.
    Restriction: a maximum value of 20.

Step 10: Glory

Glory from Play: Recorded in detail on the back of the sheet with a date attached, equal to the number in the “Glory this Game” box.
Glory from Solo Scenarios: If done.
Glory from One-time Honors: Being knighted, married, appointed to Round Table.
Conspicuous Consumption: For each £ spent last, year, add 1 Glory; for last year: Rich knight = 10 Glory, Superlative knight = 15 Glory; Tournament Sponsorship, see “In the Future” chapter.
Annual Glory: For holdings (Vassal knights get 6 Glory per manor), all Traits and Passions over 16 get Glory equal to their number; Chivalrous knights get 100 points; Religious knights get 100 points.

Step 11: Glory Bonus

If the threshold of 1000 Glory has been passed, add the Bonus Point.

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