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Wife for a Tenant in Chief

The Random Wife Table in Pendragon is inappropriate for titled noblemen, who will certainly marry someone from among their class. Here’s one for them. It’s based on a couple of assumptions:

  • These marriages are not made for love. If is the marriage is for love, then there’s no telling what the landholding could be—it might even be none, for the wife could even be an impoverished daughter of an esquire.
  • These marriages are often to reinforce links between two families, and the lands are of secondary importance.
  • A king would tries to keep his vassals from becoming too powerful, and so he is not likely to allow a titled nobleman to marry an heiress of equal rank.
  • There simply are not a lot of heiresses titled heiresses, nor many whose dowries would be huge.

Random Wife for Tenant-in-Chief

  • 01-11 lands equal to 1/10 of noble's lands.
  • 12-14 lands equal to 1/8 of the noble's lands.
  • 15-16 lands equal to 1/4 of noble's lands.
  • 17 lands equal to 3/8 of noble's lands.
  • 18 lands equal to 1/2 of noble's lands.
  • 19 lands equal to 5/8 of noble's lands.
  • 20 lands equal to 3/4 of noble's lands.

As with a knight, add one to the die roll for each year that the noble is actively looking, but not choosing.
But remember, once the die is rolled, that wife is the one! If rejected, expect to have an angry king on hand, and also a very angry family of the rejected woman.

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